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Invisibly marks possessions with synthetic DNA paint to prove that items belong to you

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To make the lives of thieves as hard as possible a lot of ingenious ideas already made their way to the anti-theft market. But how about grandfathers clock or your blu-ray-player? How can you easily mark them? With the Selecta DNA Kit you can invisibly mark all your possessions through a unique strand of synthetic DNA. Just swipe a little bit of the DNA onto your most beloved stuff so that there is always proof of the fact that the items belong to you.

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Empowerment, Network

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Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America


The SelectaDNA product range consists of a number of solutions containing a unique DNA code which can be used to uniquely mark and trace both items of property and criminals. Each DNA code used in the SelectaDNA products is completely unique so that every marking kit and spray canister we supply has its very own forensic signature. This llows you to mark and protect valuable items, both quickly and easily. Deters would-be-thieves and in-house theft. Proven to reduce thefts by up to 85% in some cases, especially where people are made aware of its use through warning labels, window stickers and outdoor signage.

First of all, SelectaDNA is completely non-toxic, meaning that the protection of your assets does not have any impact on the environment. Second of all, it is obvious that protecting your assets from theft - or enabling stolen items to be returned to you - has a big potential to improve your life.

Every year, billions of dollars worth of goods are stolen from homes, offices, hotels, etc. This puts strains on owners, police, insurance companies - ultimately contributing to higher living costs for all of us. Most of the stolen goods are never returned to the owner, resulting in lost family heir looms and other invaluable treasures.


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