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Moses is a tool for accessing drinking water remaining in water heating tanks after natural disaster

Detailed Description:
Moses is a tool designed for rescue teams to use in situations where there is a short supply of drinking water due to earthquakes and flooding. It is a gun designed to punch a hole in a solar water heating tank's exterior that is otherwise impenetrable and enables tube insertion. This will allow the usage of the clear water inside the tank, enough to suffice an average family for several days. It comes as a kit that includes the tool, a custom made pin, tubes and a flow regulator.

Known drawbacks of design:
this product can only be in use in areas where solar water heating tanks are in use and therefor contain clean drinking water. there are many countries around the world where this method of everyday water heating is popular, including: china, United States, Germany, Turkey, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Austria, Greece, Israel and more.

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Status of realization:

Environment, Urbanization, Water

Region of use:
Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America


the Moses gun is designed to be carried by rescue teams. therefor is it small and compact. the shape of the gun is designed to fit the hand and to fit the motion of firing from close range. it is made to open and insert one cartridge at a time.

this product helps access clean drinking water around the city after an earthquake or other natural disaster. the response is immediate. while rescue teams search for survivals they may come across a water tank. this product allows access to the clean water inside it. this way little water reservoirs are left behind for the people to use until a more permanent solution is offered.

the product solves the issue of polluted water after disaster in the urban seroundings. all population can benefit from this solution. it makes use of existing elements in the city.


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Personal investment

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Not known

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Not known


Designed by:
Tammie Gourevitch

Student - Industrial design

Professional status of designer:
Student - Industrial design


City/Country of residence:
Jerusalem - israel