Hybrid fiber lighting.
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Project combining sunlight, through Fiber optic cables, with LED light, for indoor lighting.

Detailed Description:
An optic collector is leading sunlight, into buildings, trough fiber optic cables. When the sun doesn’t shine, Energy efficient LEDs takes over, which means that the system is efficient 24-7. We have developed different armatures. They were shown in an exhibition, different places in Denmark. Armatures are both for working and for therapeutic lighting. Experiments have been done with textiles woven form optic fibers, too. The outcome has led to a second project.

Known drawbacks of design:
The optical solar collectors are expensive, making the competition with traditional lighting, hard.


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Education, Energy, Environment, Government, Habitation, Lifestyle, Network, Money

Region of use:
Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America


Some of the significant results from this project is a construction of a hybrid system based on a solar optical system and LED technology as well as design and development of fixtures that could compose both daylight and artificial light. We have made different designs. Primary woven textiles for therapeutic lighting and armatures for working light ( hanging Table lamp, as the optic fibers comes from the roof of the building ) and a light source that can replace a bulb, in for instance a PH lamp. The designs are shown in Picture 1

The designs improve life, because they can submit to a lower co2 emission and a lower consumption of electricity. In this project we calculated a reduction of 59 % electricity. It could have a large impact on the energy we use. Try to think of how many lights are switched on in the supermarket, office, school or workplaces during daytime.

The project was targeted about a smaller organic footprint. If we use less energy, it’s good for all. This technology, leading sun into buildings, via optic fibers, are usable in renewing, and in places where you can’t mount a window in the ceiling. In new buildings, we must hope that the architects are thinking green. The armatures can be used in 2 ways. One way is transportation of light directly through a fiber optic able to an armature, distributing the collected light in dark arrears, supported by LED light, when the sun doesn’t reach the collector on the roof. Another way is to use it with one of the textile armatures. In this case the effects are more of the therapeutic kind, and can influence mood, or give a good feeling, when the light is following the sun in intensity, as when we are outside and a cloud goes in front of the sun.


Proven and/or potential effects:
We have shown above that the introduction of fiber lighting systems can result in a saving of 36% compared to our functional unit. In the perspective of positioning properties or product-service perspective, fiber lighting systems contribute to the following: Reduction of heating and thus reduction of the need for air-conditioning in summer, Reduction of CO2 emissions, as in the case of primary energy reduction. ( From the report ) Araceli Bjarklev M.Sc & PhD. In technology and Socio-economic Planning

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Designed by:
Helle Trolle and Kent Laursen

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Senioe Designers


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Jylland Denmark

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Helle Trolle og Kent Laursen

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Helle Trolle og Kent Laursen

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Anders Bjarklev DTU Fotonik - Lara Scolari DTU Fotonik - Araceli Bjarklev RUC- ENSPAC - Tyge Kjær RUC- ENSPAC - Jan Andersen RUC- ENSPAC - Helle Trolle Designskolen Kolding - Kent Laursen Designskolen Kolding - Vibeke Riisberg Designskolen Kolding - Poul Ibsen IBSEN El-anlæg ApS