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Encouraging personal water conservation through real time monitoring of sewer infrastructure.

Detailed Description:
DontFlushMe encourages citizens to conserve water at critical times to increase the overall health of local waterways. Through a network of custom built sensors, readily accessible communication tools and internet-connected visualization devices, residents can be kept informed about the realtime status of the local sewer system. The public can then use this information to make informed decisions about their water use with the goal to directly improve water quality.

Known drawbacks of design:
Sensor vulnerability to storm surge, maintaining power to remote sensors.


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Environment, Habitation, Network, Urbanization, Water

Region of use:
North America


DontFlushMe sensors communicate with the public through the Visualight. Visualight reimagines the ubiquitous light bulb to deliver critical information to urban residents about water conservation -- when and where your actions matter most. Visualight is a Wi-Fi enabled LED bulb that can display data as colored light. By representing information as colored light, a simple change in your ambient environment brings new information to your awareness. Any light in your home can be replaced with a Visualight. When a DontFlush.Me sensor reports that sewer overflow is happening in your neighborhood, your lightbulb changes from white to red so you can make informed choices about water consumption.

DontFlushMe aims to reduce the volume of sanitary sewer discharge before and during combined sewer overflow events to mitigate water contamination. Voluntary load reduction would allow sewage treatment plants to capture to the first 0.1 inch of stormwater (which contains the largest volume of contaminants) as well as prevent further contaminants from being discharged over the course of the combined sewer overflow event.

Sewer systems -- and the water pollution created when they fail -- are an overlooked component of our daily, urban lives. To inspire personal action on just-in-time water conservation, this combined environmental sensing and public awareness system communicates the scale of combined sewer overflow pollution without overwhelming or discouraging individuals.


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creative commons

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External investments

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Designed by:
Leif Percifield

Project Creator


Professional status of designer:
Designer / Technologist

United States of America

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New York