NOMAD portable solar light system
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Multifunctional Solar lamp for developing and develop countries.

Detailed Description:
The O’SUN NOMAD is a most advanced multifunctional LED solar portable light system designed to meet a need, even several very different needs, and to improve the quality of life of its users and, in some cases, to bring them into the modern age and/or towards sustainable development.The lamp is powered by a powerfull solar panel 5W that comes all together on a kit and gives up to 6,12 or 35 hours of bright.

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In production

Education, Empowerment, Energy, Environment, Government, Health, Habitation, Lifestyle, Mobility

Region of use:
Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America


NOMAD has been designed to be as easy,simple and evident to use as possible (one button for different settings of light).Can be use on the ground,without any risk,the luminous globe is protected by a silicon disk which prevent it as well from falling from a table.With its handle and shape, it is possible for it to be hung on a wall in order to light a specific area of a room,or to be used as a ceiling light by using our special hook to hang the lamp (with an optimized quality light diffusion diameter that give an impressive 360° of light for comfortable use by a family living in one room).The handle also enable it to be transported anywhere,the same as a lantern that people use on their daily life so no need for them to have to read a book to know how to manipulate it and use it. This lamp offers a social and ecological dimension , but also appeals to contemporary designs enthusiasts.NOMAD is coming in 10 different color and is made by PC and ABS for the best solidity.

NOMAD has been designed for several different improvements.Meet needs of people around the world who do not have access to electricity or who suffer by daily power failure, and, more especially, for families in developing countries, by offering an alternative to oil lamps which are responsible for many accidents,be used in certain emergency situations: natural or humanitarian disasters,be used in the western world as a terrace light,camping or simply to benefit from the flexibility of a rechargeable solar lamp, its contemporary appearance and its ecological dimension.The benefits are significant because it helps to decrease the litres of kerozene burnt by families and reduces CO2 emission, reduces eye strain , prevent fire in homes, help student to learn, generate income for small business, and in this worldwide recession save family income. Our aim is to improve the users quality of life and, in some cases, to bring them into the modern age and/or towards sustainable development.

NOMAD is so versatile that everyone in the world can actually benefit from it’s design and can really take advantage of its uses.In developing countries, it will generally be used by families living in one room e.g African hut, and should be able to be used by each family member in turn for their various needs, such as lighting the home in the evening, allowing children to do their homework, cooking, checking on animals at night time, even working longer hours in order to increase the family’s income, etc.For the western world and to really be sure that lives of everyone will be improved the lamp may also be charged using a mains adapter or a car charger, in order to allow the user the greatest autonomy possible and enable him to use it whenever and wherever he needs and be a real NOMAD.

Other relevant information
NOMAD by O’SUN ( Henry Van de Velde label 2012, Design For Asia GOLD AWARD 2012) is the result of an association of people with a wealth of experience. By living in various parts of Africa for the past 9 years,meeting people and seeing the need firsthand we became passionate about lighting challenges and we used this as a guideline to create Nomad. We approach the Designer Alain Gilles(Belgian Designer 2012) and together we decide to develop our first solar lamp and phone charger.


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Alain Gilles



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