Zircone Waterless toilet
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Easy-to-use waterless toilet, with very little maintenance. No limits in using. No energy needed.

Detailed Description:
The making of this toilet is simple and sustainable; the materials used are resistant(stainless steel, wood, hard plastics). Ecodomeo is manufactured with parts produced in France, as near Ecodomeo plant as posssible . All components can easily be changed . The toilet is easy to dismantle into single parts to be recycled in the end . With its beautiful design, the toilet can be set up on all floors (ground floor, 1st floor etc)

Known drawbacks of design:
The selling price is high because of the mechanical design and mainly because of the small production quantities. It is difficult to buy in non European countries.


Designed in:

Status of realization:
In production

Co-existence, Environment, Water

Region of use:
Asia, Europe


The aim of the design was to create an elegant waterless toilet more attractive than many flush toilets. We focus on 2 points : technology and aspect. The technology has to be efficient and simple with very lilltle mechanical maintenance needed. Cleaning is the same as for a flush toilet . plus a 10 minhutes maintenance twice a year. The risk of blocking the toilet does not exist and there is no smell when using the toilet. The toilet looks attractive with nice raw materials (stainless steel and wood), very different from anything you have seen but with evidence that it is a toilet. You will easily find the paper roll since it is located on the side.

A toilet with no smell when you use it improves everyday life. The reduction of drinkable water used in houses is a key issue for the future in developing countries. Drinkable water is more and more rare and is going to be more and more expensive. The pollution due to the bad treatment of waste water is responsible for river eutrophication. In other countries the problem is different. 40% of the world population do not have access to toilet and flush toilets are imppossible to set up in most of these countries (too expensive and not enough water). Only waterless toilets can be used. The objective is to significantly reduce childhood mortality and intestinal diseases. In parallel, the residues of waterless toilets can be used in agriculture as fertilizers using urine after a 6 months storage and feces after vermi-composting.

The advantage of the Zircone toilet is that no energy is requiredt, it is easy to use and there is no limits in using. It can be set up in very dry areas or in cold ones such as mountains for example. The design is attractive and modern and people in Europeans countries or poor countries can be interested in having such a toilet. The original design of Zircone toilet is really attractive for customers and may motivate them to buy it.

Other relevant information
This toilet was not designed for people who already have waterless toilets but for the ones who want to act in favour of the environment but do not want to switch to annoying and bad-looking equipment. Nearly all our customers say they will not have any other waterless toilet.They are proud of owning a Zircone toilet and of showing it to their friends when they come around!


Proven and/or potential effects:
The sales have increased this year and Ecodomeo is going to double the sales in 2012 in comparison with 2011. For a moth, 3 people from other countries have been contacting Ecodomeo to sell Zircone toilets in their own countries.

Is the design protected by patent or ip registration?

How has the development of the design been financed hereunto?
Company development costs

Is there a plan for future investments?

Is there in-house competencies to secure market roll out of the design, with regards to investment, distribution, sales, etc.?
Not known


Designed by:
Richard Montoro



Professional status of designer:
Professional designer


City/Country of residence:
Aubenas - France

Name of company:
Montoro Design

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