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Urban furniture utilizing underground stations' hot air emissions to provide a public heat source.

Detailed Description:
Atlante is an innovative eco-friendly system aiming to bring renewed warmth and development into the grey areas of our cities. The product is utilizing unusable hot air emitted by passengers and trains in underground stations to provide an urban public heat source for the populace in cold cities. The hot filtered air flowing from metro-to-pillar and into the open provides a modern micro-climate, transforming the beautifully crafted objects into a pleasant and protective urban space.

Known drawbacks of design:
There are 2 main drawbacks to the Atlante system: 1. Atlante is an urban design which exploits an existing energy source in the form of hot air emissions found in metro stations. Therefore, the system is suitable only for cities which possess a functioning metro system. 2. Atlante is primarily a public outdoor heat source. Consequently, it is best situated in cold climate cities. nevertheless, with minor adjustments, Atlante can also be used as a cooling vessel such as an outdoor fan.


Designed in:

Status of realization:

Co-existence, Energy, Environment, Urbanization

Region of use:
Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America


The "Atlante" pillars, which are the interface of the system with the user, have organic forms inspired by the human spinal column. The vertical pillars are made of glass reinforced concrete which is smooth and shiny, yet integrates with the urban surroundings. hot air flows out of micro holes positioned on one side of each pillar, indicated not only by the curve but also by yellow wooden planks. The materials are chosen for their aesthetical qualities as well as their high performance. The wood gives a warmer finish to the concrete and is touch provoking. The yellow is cheery and warm and the most reflective of all colors, an advantage in cold grey winters. The vertical elements are designed to encourage human approach in order to attract passengers to warm themselves by the pillars. Each element conveys for a different type of interaction, indicated by its form. The overall assembly of the Atlante pillars makes for a unique, iconic installation, suited for any art-loving city.

Atlante is a system that aims to improve the quality of life for the errant citizen in cities worldwide. Atlante has two main impacts: firstly, It reclaims an unused energy source in order to provide a free public service. It exploits the heat energy emitted from underground train stations which is then channeled into the heat emitting pillars. consequently, Atlante provides an innovative green heated public space. secondly, main public transportation junctures tend to be hectic, dirty and unpleasant. By creating a warm micro-climate where people can stop and get comfortable, taking a rest from their busy day, it completely changes the outdoor urban experience in the winter time. Its iconic design and grid based positioning evoke the feeling of a beautiful sculpture garden, thus improving the aesthetical qualities of often neglected urban residuals.sembly of the Atlante pillars makes for a unique, iconic installation, suited for any art-loving city.

large cities are characterized by hard working people always running between one errand to another. These citizens of the modern metropolis need places where they can stop and rest before going off again to their destinations. Furthermore, in cold-climate cities, there is also the challenge of providing heating and warmth. Atlante meets this task head-on and attempts to provide an optimum solution. In addition, the framework of the Atlante project is to continue the trend where cities give something back to their citizens, and not only for pure economical purposes. Improving the often bleak urban appearance, introducing art and color, and generally enhancing the quality of life of the people should be one of the main challenges to be adressed by city municipals. Public transport stations have often become neglected unpleasant places. Atlante reinterprets the way people will experience these areas by offering an attractive heated space to stop and rest.


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Personal investment

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Designed by:
Ruth Shafrir

Industrial designer


Professional status of designer:
inhouse junior designer at LOFT ISRAEL


City/Country of residence:
Tel Aviv, Israel