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The first universal multi-platform enabled electrocardiograph for mobile phones.

Detailed Description:
This device provides both circumstantial patients without knowledge of medicine nor the use of an electrocardiograph as well as to the doctor, a monitoring and diagnostic tool extremely simple to use, portable and small sized using any mobile phone as visualization, storage and delivering electrocardiograms to other mobile phone. As simple as capturing an electrocardiogram in 30sec anywhere,save it in your mobile phone through Bluetooth and send it to your doctor or hospital anytime you need.

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Energy, Health, Lifestyle, Mobility, Network

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Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America


- CardioPocket: slim card ECG capture device + mobile application. - Portable and on time electrocardiograph. - Multi-platform mobile application. - Makes easier to save ECGs info online. - No cables nor attachments to the body. - Similar effect of a Holter but with a longer duration (more than 24hs)

CardioPocket application because of being multi-platform, portable, small sized and simple to use helps preventing, diagnosing or treating cardiopathy diseases as it can be used by the patient when is most likely to be effective to take an electrocardiograph and not only at the hospital. It can be used many times and gives a bigger picture of the cardiovascular functioning. Because of the everyday use of mobile phones and being increasingly present in our daylife, is that we suggest that a mobile phone is the best way to link the ECG data. Nevertheless, it is not necessary for the user to have a mobile phone, as the device can storage many ECGs.

Worldwide, numerous cardiopathy diseases exists (arrhythmias, infarcts, strokes, hypertension, LVH, diabetes, angioplasty, etc) which needs of a periodical following to evaluate its evolution. Nowadays, the diagnostic is done, among others, through an electrocardiogram (which is taken in a specific moment by a physician) or through a Holter (during 24hs). If the affection seems straight-forward enough, the arrhythmia will be easily obtained by a Holter, but if it is incipient may not be observed in a 24 hours period. Moreover, the use of wires and electrodes connected to the patient may exert a kind of psychological inhibition that conspires against the event appearance. It is convenient to have an ECG capture equipment that is small, portable, wireless, easy to operate by the user without knowledge of medicine to record the cardiac event anytime the patient recognizes an ailment or discomfort (chest pain, dizziness, severe headache, etc)


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Designed by:
Dario Nonino


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Buenos Aires / Argentina