Tsunami Survival Pod
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Four person survival vessel capable of withstanding six tons of debris

Detailed Description:
If a tsunami was to strike, a family of four could immediately get into the pod and seal themselves inside. Once the doors are shut, the survival pod has enough air inside for approximately two and a half hours

Known drawbacks of design:
VERY expensive - 8500 dollars


Designed in:

Status of realization:
In production


Region of use:
Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America


The pod features a variety of safety - measures: 5 point harnessed full safety seats - tail bone proection crash bar crumple zones around the outside to absorb sudden impacts safety helmets a crush capacity in excess of 6 tonne in the event the pod is washed out to sea, it has exterior flashing beacon lights to attract the attention of rescuers enough air capacity for 2.5 hours lifting hooks to allow helicopter rescue if necessary

the Pod is fitted with food rations and blankets and can be used as shelter in the aftermath of a Tsunami. Due to the 6 tonne crush capacity it can also be used as an earthquake shelter. It has been designed to fit inside a standard size garage or carport and the wheels allow for easy mobility in a confined space.

As we have all seen, our earth is changing and with numerous earthquakes and volcanic activity on the rise, the danger of Tsunami's affecting more shores around the globe greatly increases. This was more than evident by the last earthquake that triggered a devastating Tsunami that levelled towns and villages in Japan and surrounding islands. More than 23,000 people lost their lives that day which made us at Havana Houseboats ask, "What could have been done to save these people?"


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not known

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Company development costs

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Is there in-house competencies to secure market roll out of the design, with regards to investment, distribution, sales, etc.?


Designed by:
Havana Houseboats

Designer Matt Duncan


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United States of America

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Name of company:
Havana Houseboats